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Hennessey Burning Out HPE700 Corvette (Video)

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The video above can only be described in one word: marvelous. John Hennessey and his team are again showing off their HPE700 upgraded Stingray, this time from a burning start in their video posted Feb. 3. The Hennessey Performance built twin-turbo C7 Corvette Stingray boasts the ability to run up to 1,000 hp, but for what is likely safety purposes they’ve kept it tamed to a mere 700 hp.

In a previous video, uploaded on Jan. 23, we saw the same Stingray being teased on the dyno-track, squeezing out 608.28 max hp with the turbos tuned down to only 7 psi. While we aren’t sure what the turbochargers were set to in the video above, it’s certainly menacing to listen to them whistle with the LT1 V8 engine.

(Source: hpedesign / YouTube)