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1971 Corvette Jimmie Johnson Concept at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale

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Chevrolet Performance pulled out all the stops for their booth at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale. They showcased a Copo Camaro and the Z/28, but many people overlooked this car – the 1971 Corvette Jimmie Johnson Concept.

At first glance, I thought it was a typical 1971 Stingray, but I was wrong. This car is among the first to have a heart transplant from the new Stingray. In 1971, this Corvette left the factory with a 330 hp engine named LT-1. It had solid lifters and was the most fun you could have without ordering the Big Block 454.

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In a nostalgic move, Chevrolet revived the LT1 designation, now without the hyphen, for 2014. This fifth generation of the small block V8 has variable valve timing and direct injection, which are alien technologies to enthusiasts and even the aftermarket.


Since these features are the basis for all of GM’s V8 lineup, they needed a way to overcome the public’s apprehension. In a 35 day build, they took a new LT1 engine and classic LT-1 chassis and created a showstopper with help from NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson – a 460 hp version of the 1971 Chevrolet Corvette. The video above, uploaded to YouTube Nov. 3, 2014 by Chevrolet Performance, shows an incredible time lapse of the build process, letting you see this car come into existence piece by piece.


The video below, also posted by Chevrolet Nov. 3, takes you behind the scenes with Johnson as he explains his thoughts behind the build process.

Chevrolet has added the new engine to their “E-rod” lineup with pricing starting at $11,000. The E-rod engine series are 50 state emissions compliant, and are shipped with the computer, wiring and catalytic converters, making it a plug and play installation. Stay tuned to Autofluence for more updates from Chevrolet Performance.




(Source: YouTube)

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