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Corvette ZR1 Prototype Caught On The Street

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It must be nice to be an engineer for General Motors. In recent years their efforts at the Nurburgring have led to potent versions of everything from the Cadillac CTS-V to the Cobalt SS. Needless to say, every Corvette design since 1996 has been influenced by the twists and turns of The Green Hell. We’ve seen and heard heavily disguised Corvette Prototypes testing in the US, but now it looks closer to production. Caught on the streets of Germany, carspotterjeroen was able to get a few seconds of the new car in action.

As with all great racetracks, Nurburgring was once an unrestricted area. But now with hotels and tourists complaining the track has imposed noise limits on exhaust. It has forced the Corvette team to fabricate left exit tailpipes to force the exhaust to the inboard side of the track. It certainly sounds supercharged, but it still remains uncertain if it will resurrect the dual-overhead cams that were found on the 1990-95 ZR1. This would truly split Corvette fans down the middle. Many love the breathing advantages of overhead camshafts, but the increased weight and complexity are serious drawbacks. Looking at how sharply the hood scoop rises from the fenders, there is plenty of room for taller cylinder heads. Tell us your best ZR1 guesses in the comments below and stay with us for all your Corvette updates.