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Corvette C8.R Caught Testing at Sebring

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We are thankful for our WWII Veterans, especially on the 77th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Many of those veterans got into motorsports, and General Curtis LeMay allowed races to be held at Air Force bases around the country. That is how Hendricks Field was transformed into Sebring International Raceway. 

It was a training base for B17 bombers, but it has also fielded top secret projects. Corvettes have been tested to destruction here since the late 1950s. Zora Duntov and his team included young racers like Roger Penske and Augie Pabst. In recent years, Tommy Milner, Ricky Taylor and his brother Jordan have led C6 and C7 

Because Sebring is relatively isolated in the middle of Florida, it is the last place the press would be waiting. But thanks to social media, Lanky Turtle was lurking in the infield. The exhaust note is unlike any GM product before, and it some of us are convinced it is a V10. Chevrolet’s press release on the Silverado HD earlier this week mentioned an all-new big gas engine later next year, so tell us what it might be. Until then click the link below for great deals on leftover 2018 Vettes from our dealers.