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Chevrolet Reveals Electric eCOPO Camaro at SEMA

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It has been 50 years since the COPO Camaro dominated the Stock Eliminator drag races. It used the Corvette’s 427 (7-liter) V8 to offer 10 second times, something that is difficult even today. So Chevrolet partnered with Hancock & Lane Racing to build a look at the future. The 2019 eCOPO does away with the V8, and replaces it with an 800v electric motor.

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It is very close to the setup used by Patrick McCue in his “Shock & Awe” electric dragster. It uses a pair of Borg Warner HVH 250-150 motors coupled together under the hood. GM’s first 800v battery follows on the successes that Porsche & Rimac have developed for the new Taycan. Each motor makes 300 lb-ft of torque for a total of 600 lb-ft & 700 horsepower. Because the power is available at an instant, the car uses a billet torque converter and the indestructible TH400 automatic transmission.

Instead of a solid 800v battery pack, the team placed four 200v modules in all the right places. Two are in the rear seat area, one in the spare tire well, and one directly over the rear axle. The 56% rear weight bias will have the front tires in the air for consistent 9-second quarter-miles. The press release says the eCOPO motor has the same bell housing flange as Chevy’s LS & LT V8 engines, so perhaps we will see an electric conversion kit somewhere down the road. The eCOPO joins the other 2019 COPO Camaros in Chevrolet’s booth, so stay with us for all your SEMA news.

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