2015 COPO Camaro Unveiled at SEMA

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Camaro aficionados rejoice; the COPO is back for 2015. Chevrolet Performance announced in a Nov. 3 press release, and at the SEMA Las Vegas convention the same day, that the program will be returning with another limited run of 69 cars.

“The COPO Camaro allows sportsman racers to compete directly in NHRA Stock Eliminator and Super Stock classes,” said Jim Campbell, GM U.S. vice president of Performance Vehicles and Motorsports, in the release. “Every win advances the COPO racing legacy established 45 years ago and reinforces Chevrolet’s position today as America’s leading performance car brand.”


The COPO program (Central Office Production Order) was a stealthy way to build the ultimate Camaro in 1969. At the time, Chevrolet did not offer their most powerful engines in the Camaro in order to keep the Corvette as their fastest model. If you wanted the Corvette’s 427 (7.0L) engine in your Camaro, a handful of Chevy dealers discovered that using the COPO system circumvented all of GM’s internal restrictions and the order could be sent directly to the factory in Norwood, Ohio.


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The program is unchanged for 2015 with six engine choices and no creature comforts. Pulling together the best parts in the aftermarket, the specifications read like a gearhead’s Christmas list. The indestructible TH400 automatic transmission is supplied by ATI Racing. Strange Engineering supplies the 9” rear axle with an aluminum center section and massive 35 spline axles. The rear suspension is an adjustable 4-link with coil-over shocks. These race proven components can be used on the street, but due to the limited production run they were not DOT tested.

The COPO is not street legal, and with quarter mile times in the single digits these cars are destined for the drag strip. We hope the program will be reborn for the Camaro’s sixth generation as well; hopefully SEMA 2015 won’t let us down.

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(Image and News Source: Chevrolet)

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