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C8 Corvette Convertible Caught Wearing Camouflage

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Chevrolet’s list of Corvette accomplishments is growing longer each day. Not only is the 2020 Corvette Stingray their first mid-engine model it also has the best interior GM has ever offered. After viewing multiple angles of the engine bay, we assumed that a convertible would not be possible. Then they decided to plant a few Corvette Convertible teasers into the latest promo film.

This test mule was caught by Brendan Macie in the parking lot of a Dick’s Sporting Goods. He says the driver identified himself as an employee at GM’s Warren Tech Center, and their latest 0-60 test was 2.7 seconds! GM has done folding hardtops before, the most recent being the Cadillac XLR, a cousin of the C6 Corvette. The roof panel hinge points and the buttresses are inspired by a hint of McLaren 650S Spider along with a sprinkling of Ferrari 458 Spider. How this will work into the engine bay will remain a mystery. They can’t call it a “Spyder” because that name is trademarked by Audi. I wrote Spider vs Spyder awhile back to clear up the confusion. If you prefer a traditional cloth top, click the link below to find great deals on remaining 2019 Corvettes, and stay with us for all your Corvette news.


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