2015 Silverado LTZ Z71 Review

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You can’t be everything to everyone, unless your name is Silverado. In the past, Chevrolet has withheld incremental improvements to the full size trucks until a new body style launches, but this is a new era. Back in January we reviewed a 2014 Silverado Z71 in LTZ trim, and it was thoroughly impressive. Now, a year later, they sent us a new 2015 model loaded with the LTZ Plus package and 4WD.

You may remember that in July I tested a new Silverado 2500 HD, which was fully loaded in LTZ trim. It foreshadowed the changes that little brother would receive this year. What good is a truck with a rusty bed? Silverado is now offering sprayed-in bed liners from the factory. This is a great selling point for owners looking to keep their truck for the long haul. The cargo rating wheel options now feature 17” for the base models all the way to 22” on the All Star Edition.

On the inside, the gauges are now more aesthetically pleasing, their hash marks now a cool blue instead of white. The big 8” radio is becoming standard on most models and all trucks now have 4G/WiFi capability. The ability to tether up to 4 devices is matched by multiple USB, 12 volt and 110 volt power options.

Driving this truck was not surprising as we have now had multiple versions of this new body style along with their SUV counterparts. The Silverado is a quiet and capable performer with great visibility and road manners. The brakes are powerful, and the pedal is not as spongy as the competition. 2015 will see the new 8-speed transmission becoming standard across GM’s truck lineup. This truck being a very early ’15 model was not lucky enough to receive it, but the six speed is a great performer nonetheless. Stabbing the accelerator provokes a downshift from sixth to third gear, returning smiles and decimating the average fuel mileage display. Safety alert seats provide a unique vibration to your upper thighs if you attempt to change lanes without signaling; the Silverado is your new coach for driving etiquette.


Being Chevrolet’s most luxurious offering, the LTZ Plus Package adds Escalade level options, such as a heated steering wheel and heated/cooled seats. Some of this truck’s content could be superfluous on the job-site, and it pushes the sticker price to $54,055. The Silverado starts at $26,105, and your local dealer can order one in any combination you may need. Santa says you’ve been good all year. Trade in your old sleigh, or risk waking up to a truck bed filled with coal on Christmas morning.