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Wolf of Wall Street Ferrari Testarossa For Sale

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Many know the name “Wolf of Wall Street” thanks to the 2013 movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Others know the name because they heard about the Wall Street Ponzi scheme Jordan Belfort (the guy the Wolf of Wall Street movie was based on) pulled off in the 90’s. Either way, this car packs some serious celebrity punch.

The seller, Monegasque Classics, characterizes the 1991 Ferrari Testarossa the most famous Ferrari ever made thanks to its appearance in Miami Vice. However, this specific Testarossa is famous because it was owned by none other than Belfort, the original “Wolf”. The car was hand delivered to Belfort from New York Ferrari Dealership Kessler Motors by Steven Kessler himself.

The Testarossa only has 8,000 miles and can be sold in either the American or EU market thanks to being tax paid in the US and registered in the EU.

The company also touts the vehicle as one of the most collectible examples available, thanks to a resurgence of interest in modern collectibles and the fact that this particular Testarossa is in perfect condition thanks to its being owned by a collector nearly its entire life.

Someone has a serious chance at owning a piece of American (recent) history here. Check out the images of the famed Ferrari below.

Ferrari Testarossas For Sale

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  • 1991ferraritrwhitetan-031
  • 1991ferraritrwhitetan-033
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  • 1991ferraritrwhitetan-037