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William Shatner’s Rivet Motorcycle Cross-Country Journey Starts Soon

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The legend himself is embarking on an eight-day journey across the United States, and a first-of-its-kind creation is carrying him safely from destination to destination.

We are, of course, talking about William Shatner and his cross-country road trip on the Rivet motorycle, the creation resulting from Shatner’s partnering with American Wrench. First announced in December of last year, the Rivet is the result of a long existing desire to take a motorcycle across the nation.

“I’ve been across this country on my thumb, in sports cars, in trucks, with a dog, with a family, but I’ve never been across the country in a motorcycle,” says Shatner in the Vimeo video that first unveiled the project. But the right motorcycle for the job never appeared, so he and American Wrench set out to create it.

PHOTO -  William Shatner 2 (Manfred Baumann)

A June 1 press release from American Wrench has announced that this three-wheeled motorcycle is now complete, and the countdown to Shatner’s journey has begun. Slated to start June 23 in Chicago, the ride will cover approximately 2,400 miles before ending in Los Angeles, with plenty of stops along the way.

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Shatner will be joined in his drive by members of The American Legion Riders and the team at American Wrench, and their stops in cities like St. Louis, Kansas, Amarillo, Flagstaff and more will all provide opportunities for Legion members to meet William and for the public to see this revolutionary bike.

Inspired by a B-17 bomber, the Rivet motorcycle is powered by a powerful V8 – one that can create upwards of 500 hp, as Shatner said to Gizmag in an April 8 article. Be sure to stay with us for more updates from this trip as they are released, and keep an eye on their journey for your chance to see the Rivet in person.

(Source: American Wrench, Gizmag)

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