Travis Scott Gifts Kylie Jenner a LaFerrari
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Travis Scott Gifts Kylie Jenner a LaFerrari

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In the world of pregnancy, there’s something called a “push present.” These gifts are typically given to the mother of a child after birth by the father. For Travis Scott, his push present for Kylie Jenner was a LaFerrari hypercar.

Kylie revealed the purchase on her Snapchat, prompting many to capture the snaps and upload them online.

Drake Just Bought Himself a LaFerrari Hypercar

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Kylie was on Snapchat today

A post shared by King Kylie Jenner đź‘‘ (@kingggkykylie) on

Not only is the Ferrari LaFerrari one of the highest performance road cars Ferrari has ever produced, but it couples its 6.3-liter V12 with a 161 horsepower hybrid system. With a combined 949 horsepower and over 663 pound-feet of torque, the LaFerrari tops its cutting-edge engineering with efficiency, power, and stunning designs to make this loaded gun of a car very comfortable to drive. A machine designed to take the tarmac wherever it goes and at whatever particular pace, the batteries even recharge under braking, making track day all the more tempting.

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