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Tour the Batcave with Google Earth

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With the new Batman vs Superman movie FINALLY out in theaters, superhero fever has reached a peak in the Autofluence office. Well this morning, we discovered a little gem on the internet that made our Monday morning just a little brighter.

Ever wanted to know what the interior of Bruce Wayne’s residence looks like? How about the Batcave? Now you can. Thanks to Google Earth, you can now take a full, in-depth tour of the Bruce Wayne residence, complete with the insider view of the Batcave. The tour includes a brief view of a window-walled living space, and outside on of the windows, what looks like an open garage with a car. After circling the home, you’ll find what looks like a darkened room at the end of the open space… Go ahead, click on it. I’ll be here when you get back…

batcave 4

That’s right… the Batcave. On full display. Just waiting for you! Make sure to click all around in there for different views of the Batmobile and the cave itself. If Batman had a daily driver it would be the BMW M6 for sale in black.

Like this one…

batcave 2

And this one…

batcave 3

Hope this makes your Monday a little more fun!