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Tommy Hilfiger’s Ferrari Enzo Heading to RM Sotheby’s Arizona

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Fashion and Ferrari have been the motivating forces behind the world’s most coveted cars. The founder of the company that bears his name, Enzo always stayed on the leading edge of the industry in terms of style and innovation. As our publisher can attest, naming a brand after yourself is a bold move. Thirty years ago the fashion industry probably scoffed at the idea of an unknown American designer who set out to change the industry. We have Tommy Hilfiger to thank for pulling us out of the despair of 80’s clothing with his innovative and classy clothing. As a way to reward himself for becoming a menswear magnate, he purchased the car that changed the automotive world.

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As a fitting tribute to the father of the brand, the Ferrari Enzo was a street-legal F1 car. The body is a one-piece monocoque of carbon fiber draped over a naturally aspirated V12 engine. Inboard suspension and carbon ceramic brakes were taken straight from the racing programs, along with technologies not allowed on the track. Traction control and active aerodynamics are banned in most racing classes in order to level the playing field. But a car worthy of this name is still capable of outperforming almost anything on the street, even thirteen years after it was produced.


This 2003 Enzo was a wise investment, as they have been selling for nice profits in recent years. RM Sotheby’s upcoming Arizona auction will bring many collectible cars to Scottsdale in January, but this one is predicted to be a show stopper. Ferrari only produced 349 examples of the Enzo, but this one has only seen 3,622 miles since 2003. Driven just enough to keep the battery charged, this is an opportunity to purchase a time capsule.


No signs of wear inside or out, the original tires should probably be stored away for posterity. If you have a few million dollars burning a hole in your pocket, this Enzo is probably a wise investment. We will be in Scottsdale patiently waiting for this car to cross the block, so tell us what you think it will hammer for, and stay with us for complete coverage of the event. For more information on the car and how to register, please head over to RM Sotheby’s here. We have a few other examples to choose from, so check out the listings from our dealers for a new centerpiece of your collection.

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