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Three Elvis Presley Cadillacs For Sale

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Fan of the original rock and roller Elvis Presley? Then I have your dream Cadillacs right here that will have you dancing in your blue suede shoes. The three are can be sold together, so whoever plucks the first string on this deal will have their own Elvis automobile collection sitting in their garage.

First up is a pink 1959 Cadillac “Flattop” Sedan. This car won first place at Graceland for the best Elvis Presley tribute car. It comes with custom airbrush graphics, including a Graceland mural on the trunk, platinum records on the hood and the entire lyrics of Heartbreak Hotel on the side. 42,000 original miles are clocked on the odometer. For just this vehicle, the price tag is $49,000.

  • 1959pinky2
  • 1959pinky3
  • 1959pinky1
  • 1959pinky4
  • 1959pinky5
  • 1959pinky6

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Next up is a pink 1956 Cadillac Sedan that’s called the “Elvis Presley Tribute Car.” It has custom airbrush graphics of the King himself and has also been awarded Best in Show at Graceland. It comes with 97,000 original miles and it available for $39,995.

  • 1956caddy2
  • 1956caddy1
  • 1956caddy3

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Lastly, we have the 1960 Cadillac “Bubble Top” Elvis Presley Tribute (Memphis) Police Car. According to the seller, this is the only Cadillac Police Car in the entire world, with the emergency equipment still working flawlessly. Also included with this car is a life-sized mannequin of Elvis Presley dressed in his trademark white, rhinestone outfit, complete with jewelry. It has 34,000 original miles and is available for $29,995.

  • 1960caddy2
  • 1960caddy3
  • 1960caddy1
  • 1960caddy4

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If you’re interested in buying all three of these together, the seller is offering them for $100,000, which knocks off almost $20,000 off of the total value. For more information, click the buttons above to contact the seller.