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Tesla P85D Insane Mode Coffee Run With Deadmau5

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Interested in hanging out with Deadmau5 while learning everything there is to know about the Tesla Model S P85D? Then settle in to your chair and hit play on the video above, and join the car-nut and EDM artist on a coffee run and test drive of the powerful electric car.


In a 16 minute long video Uploaded to YouTube very early this morning, Deadmau5 takes a ride with his local Tesla representative to get a feel for the P85D’s driving experience, including a few experiments with its “Insane Mode” setting. They head out to Tim Horton’s to grab a drink, and though the GoPro battery died not long after they got the coffee, they managed to cover plenty of ground on the way there.

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From a walk through of its features and infotainment center, to an explanation of the company’s plans for growth in Canada, the two cover most any question you could think of. Essentially, if you’re considering a P85D for yourself but don’t quite have the time to experience a test drive first hand, this video will act as a wonderfully informative substitute; just don’t underestimate the value of feeling that pedal under your own foot.

A few hours before uploading this video, Deadmau5 tweeted out that it was in the process of being edited, but also tacked in some exciting information: the Meowclaren wrap for the Gumball 3000 Rally has been selected. The McLaren P1 is more than likely going to be the ride of choice, and we cannot wait until the design is unveiled.

Stay with us for more information as it is released, and find yourself the perfect Tesla from our exclusive listings below.


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(Source: YouTube, Twitter)

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