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Tesla Model S: Celebrity Owners

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The Tesla Model S is an extraordinary car that should be enjoy by all, even the rich and famous. To show the world that celebrities are picking up the Model S quicker than you can say “60 kWh microprocessor controlled, lithium-ion battery”, medved of TeslaMotorsClub.com put together this amazing list.

Name Occupation References
Jon Favreau American actor, director, screenwriter, voice artist, and comedian 1
Dominic Monaghan German-born English actor
Craig Venter American biologist and entrepreneur 1
Will.i.am American recording artist, songwriter, entrepreneur, voice actor…
Seth Green American actor, comedian, voice actor, television producer,director, screenwriter 1
James Cameron Canadian film director, film producer, deep-sea explorer, screenwriter, and editor 1
Jay Leno American stand-up comedian and television host 1
Will Smith American actor, producer, and rapper 1
Mark Ruffalo American actor, director, producer and screenwriter
Anthony Bourdain American chef, author, and television personality
Lee Unkrich American director, film editor, screenwriter
Mat Hoffman American BMX rider
Iian Somerhalder American actor and model
Steve Wozniak American inventor, computer engineer, programmer
Kevin Pollak American actor, impressionist, game show host, comedian
Morgan Page American progressive house, electro house DJ
Morgan Freeman American actor, film director, narrator
Anthony Kiedas American singer-songwriter
Alyson Hannigan American actress 1
Shawn Green former Major League Baseball player
Ben Affleck American actor, film director, producer, and screenwriter
David Ogden Stiers American actor, director, vocal actor, and musician
Dennis Haysbert American film and television actor
Jennifer Garner American actress and film producer
Stephen Spielberg American film director, screenwriter, producer, and studio entrepreneur
Cameron Diaz American actress and former model
Don Cheadle American actor and producer
Ray Parker Jr. American guitarist, songwriter, producer and recording artist
Demi Moore American actress, film producer, film director, former songwriter, and model
Tom Leykis American talk radio personality
Darren Criss American actor, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and composer
Amanda Tapping English-born Canadian actress, producer, director 1
James Hetfield co-founder, main songwriter, and lead vocalist for heavy metal band Metallica

(Source: TeslaMotorsClub.com)