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A Look Into The Lamborghini-Powered Batmobile

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A couple of years back, Team Galag drove a Batmobile in the Gumball 3000 and taught the world what it meant to turn your dreams into reality. Be honest, when watching the Batman movie, you wanted a Batmobile of your own to cruise around in. For them, they didn’t want to sit on the idea and commissioned Caresto to build them a Batmobile of their own. A Lamborghini Gallardo’s drivetrain was used as a base for the car. Specifically speaking, they used the 5.2-liter V10 engine that’s capable of producing 560 horsepower. Designed around this drivetrain is a Batmobile that was inspired by the vehicle in the Arkham Knight video game, and they nailed it. Business Insider recently put together a video that details the Batmobile using footage from Mr JWW’s time with it at the Gumball 3000. Check it out by clicking play down below.

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