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Swizz Beatz Posts Up With McLaren P1 for New Album

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Swizz Beatz just dropped his new album, POISON, and he’s celebrating in a most epic way. Posted up on his Instagram feed are pictures of a McLaren P1 being parked in a room with a roof made of lights. Why? For a “sonic installation” that provided guests with a new way to experience his brand-new album. Plenty of celebrities showed up to the event, where Swizz Beatz was performing his songs and some artists featured in the album were there to play their part of the song. 

Swizz Beatz is no stranger to the McLaren brand, having purchased a 720S not too long ago. Now that his latest album is out, maybe he’ll pick out a new car to celebrate. In fact, he did post a picture of the Speedtail and told everyone to “Stay tuned” in the description.