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Steve McQueen’s Ferrari 275 GTB on Mulholland Drive

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When it comes to actors who are just as well known for the car collection as their skills on the silver screen, few can ever hope to achieve the levels defined by Steve McQueen. The “Bullitt” star cruised around the world in some of history’s greatest cars, with a few destroyed along the way.

But how many people out there wish they could have taken a ride in McQueen’s passenger seat, feeling his favorite car slide around some of his favorite curves? Undoubtedly, there are quite a few, and though that exact experience may never be possible, YouTube channel theAFICIONAUTO got a chance to take one of McQueen’s prized ponies out for a ride down Los Angeles’ Mulholland Drive: his Ferrari 275 GTB.


In the video above, Uploaded to YouTube April 9, you get a chance to listen to the pure sound of this Ferrari’s engine while enjoying some of McQueen’s favorite sights. It’s the same car he owned while filming the 1968 hit “Bullitt,” and has since been restored by Ferrari’s Classiche department.

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For the cars from McQueen’s collection that still remain in tact, though valuable in their own right, an incredibly high price tag can be expected if they ever come up for sale. In August of last year, his Ferrari 275 GTB crossed the block at an RM Auction, and demanded a sale price of more than $10 million.

Be sure to turn your volume all the way up before indulging in this pseudo-drive with McQueen, and when you’re finished watching, take a look through our exclusive listings and find the perfect Ferrari for your stable.


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(Source: YouTube)

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