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Stan Lee, Audi S8 Master the Art of the Cameo Appearance

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What does it mean to be an actor, and what does it mean to be a cameo actor? What about being a great cameo actor?

These are the difficult questions that Stan Lee, Kevin Smith, Tara Reid and more gathered together to solve at Stan Lee’s Cameo School; or, at least, the cameo school created for one of Audi’s latest campaigns for the S8.


You’d never know it just from watching him in one of his 86 credited acting roles, but Stan Lee is one of the most prolific living artists of this century. Though his true power comes from his writing of Marvel’s best-known graphic series, and then his position as president and chairman of Marvel Comics, more recently, he has been killing it in cameo role after cameo role.

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Added to YouTube by Audi USA April 28, this newest short for Audi was directed by Kevin Smith, and shows Lee passing on his secrets of the industry in anticipation of the release of “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Both Audi and Lee had cameos in the latest film from Marvel; a March 31 trailer for the film showed off the R8, TTS and A3 Cabriolet helping the team of superheroes save the world once again.

Be sure to give the video above a watch to learn Lee’s trade secrets, then find yourself the perfect Audi to make a cameo in your collection from our exclusive listings below.

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(Source: YouTube via Hypebeast)

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