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Speeding Bieber in Ferrari Chased Down by Ex-NFL Star

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Justin Bieber’s no stranger to the law when it comes to speeding citations. However, he doesn’t seem to be learning his lesson. The teenage sensation was spotted speeding in his white Ferrari 458 Italia through his residential neighborhood in Los Angeles. His latest speeding mishap exhibited some pretty terrible timing. Just as Bieber hit the gas and started flying through his neighborhood, ex-NFL Player Keyshawn Johnson decided to step outside with his three year old daughter. Johnson was not happy with Bieber’s reckless driving so he hopped into his Toyota Prius and chased down the young pop star. Six foot four Keyshawn Johnson confronted Bieber in the driveway of his LA mansion. Bieber decided that is was best to avoid the angry wide receiver, and ducked inside without saying a word. Police are looking into the witnesses’ claims. As of now the evidence seems to be stacking up against Bieber. Police are calling what he did, “unacceptable behavior from anybody, anywhere, anytime.” It definitely won’t be much longer before we see the Bieber making headlines again.

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 (Image Source: TheRichest.com)