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Sir Rod Stewart’s 1971 Miura S SV For Sale

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Our friends at Road & Track have a knack for finding celebrity cars, and on April 29 they stumbled across a pristine Lamborghini Muira S SV. This car began life as a UK spec, right hand drive P400S model ordered by Sir Rod Stewart in 1970.

Listed as a classified ad on eBay UK by Amari Supercars GB, the seller appears to have extensive documentation and service records. A careful eye will notice the scoops along the rocker panels and flared rear fenders.

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These are from the Muira’s top level offering, the SV. This car has been updated to SV specification in every area. Offering a higher top speed and more aggressive styling, this was the car to have in the early 1970s. Muiras alone are a rare and sought after car, but SV status, along with rock legend ownership, make this a once in a lifetime opportunity. Check it out below, then find yourself the perfect Lamborghini from our exclusive listings

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(Source: Ebay via Road & Track)

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