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Senator John McCain’s Wife, Cindy McCain, the… Drifter?

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At one time, Cindy McCain thought she might find herself in the White House. Tagging along on the campaign trail with her husband, John McCain, Cindy was thought of as quiet, reserved, and even referred to as a “Stepford Wife.”

What the world didn’t know, though, was that McCain has a love for cars, and driving cars… and drifting apparently. In an interview with ESPN, then 54-year-old White House hopeful, McCain says her son is responsible for her love for drifting, even though she’d been a race car fan for quite some time before that. In fact, she loves it so much she’s spent extensive time in Japan learning how to drift from some of the best instructors available. She also attended Brondurant driving school.

She and her son actually built a car together and she’s participated in racing and drifting events. What’s more, she claims driving saved her life. In 2004, McCain suffered a stroke and was paralyzed for a time. She fell into a depression that she thought would cloud her life forever. Her son, knowing what driving and drifting did for her, signed her up for driving school and got her back on the road and back in the game of life.

Pretty awesome story, we think. Check out her story in the video below.