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Sebastian Vettel Tears up Fiorano Circuit in LaFerrari FXX K

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Within two days of being announced, the 1,035-hp Ferrari FXX K was completely sold out.

And from the look on Sebastian Vettel’s face as he takes the FXX K around the Fiorano Circuit, it’s not hard to tell why.

Uploaded to YouTube today by Ferrari.com, the video above gives you an inside look at Vettel’s first experience with the FXX K. According to a press release from Ferrari issued today,  the four-time F1 World Champion will be driving for Scuderia Ferrari during this year’s Formula 1 season in the SF15-T.

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“Having spoken with engineer Marco Fainello and test-driver Raffaele de Simone, both of whom worked on the development of the new laboratory car, Vettel started lapping, quickly looking very much at home despite this being his first time in the FXX K,” describes the release. Vettel’s full experience and a photoshoot of his day will be published in the upcoming issue of Ferrari Magazine.

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(Source: Ferrari, YouTube)

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