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Samuel Eto’o Receives First London Delivery of LaFerrari

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The first LaFerrari to be delivered in London has arrived. The hypercar with a miraculously flawless black finish was delivered to soccer player Samuel Eto’o, according to a Dec. 20 article from thesupercarkids.com. It’s the first images we’ve seen of a LaFerrari in black, and it looks fantastic.

According to that same article, the hypercar is currently being registered in Paris, and will be making its way to London soon. This is a great addition to Eto’o’s already impressive collection of exotics, which consists of a Maybach Xenatec, Aston Martin V12 Zagato, Mansory Stallone 599, a Koenigsegg and much more. Seeing one of the 499 preordered LaFerraris is exciting, and it’s even more thrilling to see it in a different color. Stay tuned here as we keep a close eye out for other appearances of the newest prancing pony.



(Source: TheSupercarKids)