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Rafael Nadal Wins Mercedes-AMG GT S

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He’s acquired countless awards and accolades over his impressive 29 years, but Rafael Nadal can add one more prize to his collection: a tennis ball yellow Mercedes-AMG GT S.

The Stuttgart Open drew to a close on June 14 with Nadal declared the winner, and with matte black wheels his prize rolled out onto the grass court. Though it wasn’t the playing surface Nadal is notorious for winning on, he defended his position as 10th in the world ATP rankings with this victory in Germany.

Reports from USA Today and CNN tell us that he accepted the prize with more than a healthy dose of modesty, though likely because of conflicting interests; Nadal has been sponsored by Kia for nearly 10 years, sparking his comment, “it’s not a Kia, but it’s still good.”

Of course, the exterior is certainly unique and noticeable. The base color matches almost perfectly the fluorescent shade of a tennis ball, and is complete with white curved lines mimicking the ball’s white seams.

While this may not be the best appearance for a GT S, it’s not what’s on the outside that counts; under the hood is still the same AMG 4.0-literV8 biturbo engine that has made this model so highly desired. But not only is the engine completely new and designed for this vehicle, the GT S is only the second car completely designed by Mercedes-AMG. Performance is at its core, and you don’t have to like its color to enjoy the drive.

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(Source: USA Today, CNN via Jalopnik, Getty Images)

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