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Quentin Tarantino’s Best Driving Shots in One Clip

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Quentin Tarantino has an undeniable signature to each of his movies. He’s a legend of the cinema who has turned out more cult classics than most directors could ever hope to, and there are a few components of his production, editing, scene composition and more that make even one frame of his films recognizable.

Of those components, one stands out to us in the automotive world more than others. Tarantino is a master of the driving scene. Whether it’s Vincent, Jules and Marvin going for a ride in “Pulp Fiction” or the deadly centerpiece of the two-part film “Death Proof,” each of his scenes brings you right into the car with the characters in a way that feels more intimate than just watching their drive on a screen.


For all of us Tarantino lovers out there, Jacob T. Swinney has created a fantastic compilation series on his Vimeo channel of the director/writer’s best films, and on April 19 he added a compilation of “The Driving Shots.” Found above, it takes a two minute, 22 second look at some of the most memorable scenes. Language and lines were forgone in the creation of this compilation until the end, when, we warn you, there is some very NSFW language after Vincent’s “accident” with Marvin and a trigger.

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Be sure to give this video a watch (again, NSFW language included), and find a little inspiration for your next night spent on the couch with some good movies.

(Source: Vimeo via Autoblog)

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