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Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason Gives Inside Look at his LaFerrari

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Nick Mason, 72-year-old drummer of British band Pink Floyd, showed off his LaFerrari for the team at Goodwood Road & Racing. Though most well-known for his musical skills and chart-topping hits with Pink Floyd, Mason is also an avid car collector and racing driver.

In the video, Mason begins by telling the view just how difficult it is to obtain a LaFerrari, stating that one essentially must be invited by Ferrari to purchase one. (We’re thinking being the drummer of one of the most iconic bands in history might have done the trick). Mason then details the electric and petrol engines and how much power is received from the electric engine. He also gives insight into the launch control feature, which gives the driver more precise control based on weather and road conditions. The driver that hops in the front seat is none other than Emanuele Pirro, and Italian racer famed as a five-time winner in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

What’s interesting about the drummer’s LaFerrari is the license plate, which is labeled “F150 OK”. Ferrari fans are probably aware that “F150” has multiple meanings for the company. What do you think it means? Check out the video and then let us know in the comments below.

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