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Watch Patrick Dempsey Turn Valet into a Pit Stop

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Patrick Dempsey wears many hats. From his best-known role as Dr. Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd on Grey’s Anatomy to his movie roles and his career as a race car driver, Dempsey has lived a bit of a dream life. It seems racing is in his blood though, and he might not be able to control the urge to act as if he’s immersed in the track life. In fact, he’s once told Reuters that racing is a way of life for him, an extension of who he is as a person.

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That fact is easy to see in a recent Porsche video where Dempsey comes to a screeching halt at the doors of The Westin Grand where he’s attending the premier of Bridget Jones Baby in Berlin. He swiftly jumps out of the car, shoving an unsuspecting bell boy into the Porsche 718 Boxster and straps the young man in as though he’s buckling in another driver at a pit stop, before rushing into the hotel. The video definitely has entertainment value. Was he running late, or does racing really run through his veins with that much fervor? Check out the video below, and decide for yourself.

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