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One of 499: Lady Cornelia’s LaFerrari

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Ferrari’s LaFerrari is the definition of automotive art, so it only makes sense that an artist would be among the 499 to call themselves original owners.

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Switzerland-based painter Cornelia Hagmann had a chance to sit down with The Ferrari Official Magazine and discuss her passion for both landscapes and speed. A Jan. 2 press release from Ferrari gave us a sneak peek behind the scenes of the interview and photo shoot, and shared how Hagmann’s passion for prancing ponies was inspired by her late husband.


“This enduring fascination was sparked by her late husband, Walter Hagmann, a Swiss businessman and leading Ferrari collector, who unfortunately passed away a little over a year ago before the delivery of the magnficent Rosso Corsa LaFerrari he had ordered as a gift for his wife,” it described.


Be sure to check out the images below and watch the video above, posted to YouTube Jan. 2 by Gommeblog.it, to take a look at this artist’s love for her art, both original and automotive.




(Source: Ferrari)

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