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Odell Beckham Jr’s New Rolls-Royce Celebrates the Cleveland Browns

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In March of this year, Odell Beckham Jr was traded to the Cleveland Browns. Many New York Giants fans were displeased with the trade, showing their anger all across social media. Those in Cleveland, however, were handed an exceptional wide receiver that’s broken a litany of NFL records and they couldn’t be happier. OBJ is also celebrating his trade in more ways than one, like his new Rolls-Royce Cullinan that’s a tribute to the Browns.

The custom luxury SUV was customized by Dreamworks Motorsports, located in Roxboro, North Carolina, who posted it on their Instagram page. Its exterior is wrapped in a custom color that they call “Dawg Pound Orange,” a fitting name.

Being a Rolls-Royce, this SUV has a spot for the iconic “Spirit of Ecstasy” hood ornament. Dreamworks Motorsports, however, replaced this ornament with a custom figure of OBJ that remembers his famous catch.

Inside, the orange and black color combo continues in amazing fashion. A custom box wrapped in orange and black housing two massive bass speakers can be found in the back. Dreamworks Motorsports designed the box after the Rolls-Royce’s grille and even included OBJ’s official logo. Above the box is a custom starlight headliner that’s also completely custom.

If Browns fans were ever looking for a car that could be their mascot, this would be it. A true celebration of the team.

Image Source: Instagram, Featured Image: Facebook