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NFL Prospect Teddy Bridgewater Buys Mom Pink Escalade

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Teddy Bridgewater is an NFL quarterback prospect coming out of Louisville. And, while both the NFL draft and his professional career start tonight, his mother, Rose Murphy, has always come first.

She has always been a huge part of his life, being both his mother and best friend. Once, when he was younger, Bridgewater and his mother were riding home from one of his little league practices when he noticed a Cadillac Escalade. When he saw it, he told his mother that he would buy her a pink Escalade when he made it to the NFL.

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Fast forward to the 2014 NFL Draft: Bridgewater finds himself waiting to see what team will draft him. Knowing he will surely be drafted, Bridgewater has kept his promise to his mother.

In a video posted to Youtube on May 6 by Cadillac, director Spike Lee documents Bridgewater’s life and the moment when he gives his mother a brand new Pink Escalade on her birthday. Check out the video above and share in this touching moment.

(Source: Cadillac / YouTube)


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