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New Celebrity Top Gear Test Track Unveiled In 360° Video

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The new Top Gear season with Chris Evans as the headman is officially underway. On May 29th, the first episode with a new cast was aired. Evans and LeBlanc were joined by another host, Sabine Schmitz, as well as the supplemental Chevrolet Corvette Z06, Dodge Viper ACR, Reliant Robin, Ariel Nomad and more.

Also making it’s first appearance in the new season was a new Top Gear test track on which celebrities can race. A combination of both tarmac and dirt was used for a rallycross-style track, which Gordon Ramsay and Jesse Eisenberg raced a Mini Cooper through. If you didn’t get a good look at the track while watching the episode, Extra Gear presenter Chris Harris, who was unfortunately absent in the episode, takes you through the new testing ground in the video found below. What’s more, this video can be experienced in 360-degrees. Click play below to see the track for yourself and hope that Harris makes an appearance in Top Gear.

Also, what did you guys think about the episode? Yay, or nay? Is Extra Gear better? Or are we all just hoping on The Grand Tour?

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