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1964 Morgan Plus 4 & Stephen Colbert on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

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It’s the season finale of Jerry Seinfeld’s series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” and the pairing of guest and car couldn’t have been more spot on.

“Come and see yourself as a sports car,” Seinfeld says to Stephen Colbert on the phone, driving up to Colbert’s Montclair, New Jersey home in a 1964 Morgan Plus 4. A model made the same year Colbert was born, it’s a perfect fit for a grey Jersey morning and a hot cup of coffee.

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The two drive to downtown Montclair and visit the Bluestone Coffee Company, discussing the car itself, Colbert’s early years and plans for his future in late night TV, then end the day by driving back home with Stephen behind the wheel. He’s a bit rusty working the stick shift, much to his own amusement and Seinfeld’s despair.

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(Source: Crackle)

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