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Man Handbuilds Batmobile Over Two Years

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If you have ever read a Batman comic or seen a Batman movie, you’ve probably dreamed of owning your very own Batmobile. For some, it’s as easy as placing a bid on one at an auction, but for others, it’s a little more difficult to attain one. Facing the dream of owning a Batmobile and a lack of inventory in Australia, Zac Mihajlovic took it upon himself to build his very own vigilante street racer.

According to a video uploaded to YouTube by Barcroft Cars Oct. 27, Mihajlovic’s Batmobile is based on the 1989 movie, directed by Tim Burton and starring Michael Keaton as the masked hero. It took him two years to create the car, even using original parts from the Batmobile used on-screen, but the time was well worth it.

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Since the car was finished, Mihajlovic has received a number of offers on it from people all over the world. However, he has turned down all of the offers, instead focusing on making kids’ dreams come true by dressing up as Batman and surprising them with the car.

Not only is Mihajlovic a great man for adding another Batmobile to the planet, but also for being a great human being and helping children in need. See his story in the video above.

(Source: Barcroft Cars / YouTube)