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Mad Mike’s New Lamborghini Drift Car Takes On Kamaz Truck

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In the world of drifting, there are some absolutely out of this world creations. Some of these drifters take cars and completely reinvent them so that can be properly slid around corners. One such drifter is Mad Mike, who just showed off his latest drift creation in a video from Red Bull. The creation? A Lamborghini Huracan that’s unlike any other you’ve seen before.

The video itself is quite cheeky, involving a race between Mad Mike in the Huracan and Eduard Nikolaev in a Kamaz Truck built for the Dakar Rally. Their finish line? The Goodwood Festival of Speed parking lot.

© Patrik Lundin / Red Bull Content Pool

Their entire trek to the parking lot involves drifting, speeding, racing and the truck even jumps over the Huracan at one point. It’s worth the watch for sure.

© Patrik Lundin / Red Bull Content Pool

Archie Hamilton, who made an appearance in the video, also posted a video that gives us a deep look into the Huracan thanks to Mad Mike himself. Mad Mike talks all about the car, like how it’s paint (not wrapped), he only drove it five laps before shooting the video, how they adjusted steering for drifting, its suspension, its engine and more. Surprisingly enough, this Huracan remains naturally aspirated. That being said, Mad Mike notes that they will be able to push out 900 horsepower out of it after its upcoming tuning session. Check this video out down below.

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