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Mad Chase Between Helicopter and Drifting Race Car by Red Bull

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Do you know who Felix Baumgartner is? You probably know him as the guy that skydived from space. Well, did you also know that he’s also able to fly a helicopter like a mad man? In a video uploaded by Red Bull to YouTube August 5, we see Felix put his skills to the test against Jakub Przygoński and his 1,000 hp Toyota GT 86.

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To put into perspective how difficult it is to control a helicopter like this, Felix is quoted in the video as saying, “Chasing a drift car with a helicopter is like juggling 5 razor blades while standing on a slack line.” Take it from him – those aerobatic stunts were difficult. And, no, you should not try to juggle razor blades on a slack line.

Check out the video below to see the action for yourself.

(Source: YouTube)

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