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Lewis Hamilton and MV Agusta Dragster RR LH44 Superbike

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Formula 1 superstar Lewis Hamilton has teamed up with MV Agusta to create a special edition superbike called the Dragster RR LH44.

This Italian superbike’s bodywork is mostly comprised of carbon fiber with a matte finish. Popping against the matte bodywork is the bright red metal tubing, which gives off an amazing visual.

“I have a huge passion for bikes, so the opportunity to work with MV Agusta on my own Dragster RR LH44 Limited Edition has been a great experience,” said Hamilton in a press release on his website. “I have really enjoyed the creative design process with the MV Agusta team; the bike looks amazing- really aggressive and with fantastic attention to detail, I am truly proud of the result. I love riding this bike; it is so much fun. I hope its new owners love it as much as I do.”

While it may not be as fast as one of Hamilton’s race cars or Pagani, it’s still speedy as heck. Underneath the body is a three-cylinder 800cc engine capable of 140 hp at 13,100 rpm – ample power for exciting times on the road.

The bike, co-designed by the F1 champion, will have a limited run of only 244. Making each of these bikes even more special is Hamilton’s signature adorning each one.

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(via LewisHamilton.com)(Image Source)