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Ken Block Drifts and Tears Through London, Extended Cut

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Whenever you’re out doing as tourists do in strange lands, you always look for the greatest sights to see. Whether it’s one of the world’s greatest wonders or a shop that has the best food, we always go out of our way to see the sights. Typically, this involves a guidebook or a tour guide. For Matt LeBlanc, it involved a guidebook, Ken Block and his Hoonicorn.

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BBC essentially shutdown some of the biggest roads and attractions in London to provide a clear path for Ken Block to tear through in his 1,400 hp Mustang. They journeyed by St. Paul’s Cathedral, went into the underground and even waved hello to the Queen. Their trip was pretty incredible, causing my heart to skip a beat a couple of times. Check it the extended cut of the video by clicking play below and get ready, because it sounds like the two are going to do this again, but somewhere else.

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