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Katy Perry Buys 5 Fisker Karmas for Assistants

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According to a March 17 article on HuffingtonPost.com, Katy Perry may be one generous boss. Reportedly, the singer spent over $500,000 buying her assistants five Fisker Karmas.

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The Fisker Karma is a hybrid vehicle that runs off of two 161 hp electric motors aided by a turbocharged 2.0-liter four cylinder engine that provides 260 hp. If you have been following the Karma, you would know that Fisker declared bankruptcy, only to be bought out by Chinese Wanxiang Group.

Of course, this report of Perry buying five Karmas might be hearsay. Since Fisker stopped production on the Karma in 2012, it would be very difficult to find five Karmas in one place. Of course, she could have just purchased the Fisker Karmas off of duPontREGISTRY.com.

If this is all true, then Perry is indeed one kind boss.

We will update this article with further information as it is released.

(Source: Huffington Post, Daily Star)

(Image Source: FiskerAutomotive.com)


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