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Justin Bieber Cruises Around in Lewis Hamilton’s LaFerrari

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Fans of Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari will appreciate the champion’s LaFerrari hypercar. Who else appreciates his hypercar? Justin Bieber, who Hamilton took for a high-speed ride around Beverly Hills.

Effspot, the photographer that has his sights all over California, spotted the two cruising around Beverly Hills. He uploaded a video of the duo to YouTube and described what he saw in the video’s description:

“We were lucky enough to catch Lewis Hamilton driving Justin Bieber around in his Laferrari. We caught the car leaving a restaurant off Sunset Blvd; needless to say, he pushed the car a little hard and it sounded amazing. What is even more unbelievable was the fact that we saw zero paparazzi or fans. For the naysayers asking “oh how did you know it was Bieber in the car”, you can see Justin Bieber’s 458 by West Coast Customs at the end in the garage. Bieber also posted a selfie in front of the car on his IG.

All in all, a successful leap. I do not believe anyone has ever gotten footage of Hamilton’s LaFerrari driving around, let alone with the Biebs in it. So enjoy.

Many thanks to exoticsof_LA for filming.”

Last year, Bieber said in an interview that he had actually purchased his own LaFerrari. We have yet to see him in his alleged Italian hypercar, but a photo-op may still be on the way. What do you think about Hamilton and Bieber cruising together? Let us know in the comments below.

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