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Jon Olsson’s Audi RS6 DTM by Mats Bulters

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Photos and article by Mats Bulters, Mats Bulters Photography

The world famous Audi RS6 ‘DTM,’ built for freestyle skier Jon Olsson.

audi-rs6dtm-jonolsson-101215 (6)

My first encounter with this car was during the Gumball 3000 rally. The cars came from Germany and were heading to Amsterdam. I made sure I was at the German border and waited there with a Tesla Model S. Because most of the cars were fitted with a GPS tracker I could follow where they were going, and due to some problems in Germany they didn’t stop at Brabus for a break, and instead took another route to Amsterdam. Luckily, I noticed that on time and raced to the new spot where they would enter The Netherlands.

The lead car was the Ferrari F50 owned by Mike Schein. We followed him for a while but wanted to wait for Olsson’s RS6. We started following the F50 at 3 pm, and 7 hours later we finally spotted the RS6 and went in pursuit. All those carbon parts and the amazing sound were worth the wait. Sadly though, it was getting dark, so taking pictures became difficult.

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When we arrived in Amsterdam I took a look at the pictures and was really satisfied with what I had. Returning home a happy man, I never expected I would have another more personal encounter with the car.

audi-rs6dtm-jonolsson-101215 (10)

Because Jon was using another car for the US leg of the Gumball 3000 rally, he parked his Audi RS6 DTM in a public car park underneath the hotel, and after 2 days in the car park, it was moved by a car shop owner to somewhere in The Netherlands just to keep it safe.

While Jon was still in the US, the RS6 was taken to a supercar event in The Netherlands, of course, with the permission of Jon. The car got a lot of attention from spotters but also from a friend of mine who owns a very exclusive dealership in Alkmaar. He made an offer that Jon couldn’t resist.

audi-rs6dtm-jonolsson-101215 (4)

Jon Olsson sold his RS6 to a man I know?! I was stunned, but really happy.

I spoke the him about the car and made an appointment to do a photoshoot. He wanted pictures he could use for his database, so it all happened in a special room at the dealership but that was all fine for me. The fact that I was able to shoot the car up close was awesome enough.

The noise the car makes when you are so close to it is unbelievable. The Miltek Exhaust sounds just great on it, but if you thought that was it for upgrades, you would be wrong. Apart from the exterior and the exhaust, Jon went all-in with the RS6. Both turbos were replaced with 2 bigger turbos layered with 18 carat gold on the inside. This is because gold conducts heat very fast.

After all these modifications the car went on for a dyno run, and with regular euro 95 octane fuel the car packs a whopping 950 bhp. Fill it up with octane 105 and the engine puts out more than 1000 bhp.

For now, I hope you will enjoy the pictures!


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