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John Cena’s InCENArator Starts Off Gumball 3000 (Video)

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John Cena is known for being pretty far-out in the wrestling ring, but did you know that he also has one of the most far-out vehicles? Dubbed the InCENArator (see what he did there?), this vehicle was built on a wrecked Corvette convertible’s chassis, thanks to Florida’s Parker Brothers Concepts. This customs shop has also created famous cars for movies and starred in SyFy’s new show ‘Dream Machines.’

@simonaskgrennielsen (Instagram)
@simonaskgrennielsen (Instagram)

The car itself looks like it was based off of a Hot Wheels toy car. The canopy opens up thanks to three motorized panels that comprise the canopy. The showstopper is the collection of 8 pipes that protrude out of the Incenarator. These are not exhaust pipes; instead, they shoot flames on command. These flamethrowers are probably where the name of the car came from.

Driving the car in the rally is Saudi prince Talal M. A. Al-Faisal Al-Saud. Because he and his team raised the most money for charity, this crazy one-off vehicle was placed first on the starting grid.