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John Cena Shows Off One of Ferrari’s Last Manual Cars

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John Cena, one of my favorite people to come out of the wrestling world, has been pushing out some awesome videos under The Bella Twins YouTube channel based around cars. The series is called John Cena : Auto Geek, and on his latest episode he talks about his 2007 Ferrari F430 Spider.

Ferrari F355 For Sale

Now, in the video he notes that this is the last manual Ferrari ever made, but the automaker did have a manual option for both the 599 and California. Ferrari decided to call it quits on the manual transmission after the amount of people that ordered a standard California could be counted on one hand.

The Ferrari F430 – Owners Perspective

At the end of the video, Cena teases the car for the next video. Sure looks like a Lamborghini Huracan! But we’ll have to wait to find out the real answer.