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John Cena Settles Ford GT Lawsuit

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In December 2017 we covered Ford suing John Cena over the resale of his new Ford GT. The American automaker said that this sale was unauthorized and went against the original contract signed when purchasing the car. Cena then rebutted saying he did nothing wrong.

Now, thanks to a statement from Cena’s law firm sent to Jalopnik, the case seems to have been settled out of court. According to this statement, the resale restriction put in place was indeed part of the contract. The restriction says all original owners need to keep their GT for 24 months before reselling the vehicle. Cena recognizes this in the statement and apologizes to Ford and says others should respect the contract.

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The resolution of the settlement is actually a pretty good one, with the proceeds from the settlement being donated to charity. However, the amount of money handed over in the settlement was undisclosed.

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