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Jerry Seinfeld’s 911 GT3 RS Is 1 of 1

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When Henry Ford launched the Model T, he told dealers and customers that it was available in any color you want…As long as you want black. Painting cars is one of the most expensive costs in the assembly process. Pierre DuPont owned a majority of GM throughout the 20’s and he challenged his chemical engineers to make a more affordable & durable car paint. The result was Nitrocellulose Lacquer (Duco) and it transformed the industry.

With Racing Legend Hurley Haywood at Brumos Porsche in Jacksonville. #hegavemeahat

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Modern paints are all water-based, but to achieve the same depth as the old days requires several coats. That is why Porsche‘s Liquid Chrome Blue Metallic was a $64,000 option on the 918 Spyder. Sprayed by master painters, the finish requires nine base coats of varying metallics, three rounds of color sanding between them, and finally 3 coats of clear. Color sanding is time intensive, and almost as fun as jury duty, so the extra cost is worth it for a flawless finish.

You better believe it, baby! @sportscarmarket

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A normal customer probably couldn’t order this paint on anything, let alone the wild GT3 RS. Jerry Seinfeld is not your average Porsche owner. His hit series “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” has pulled back the curtain on his collection. Some of the noteworthy cars are one of the original Gmünd prototypes, a 911 RSR, and a handful of rare race cars. We saw him sell a few at Gooding’s Amelia Island Auction in 2016, and he took home $22.2 Million at the end of the day.

Magic in Malibu

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So it’s needless to say Porsche will build anything for their valued clients, so this GT3 RS was part of their “Special Wishes” program. Mention the term “Sunderwunsch” around Porsche fans and you will immediately have their attention. This is the only GT3 RS to be treated to such a fancy finish and the fact that Jerry ordered it will make it a blockbuster if he ever decides to sell. We’re gearing up for this year’s Amelia Island festivities, so stay with us for all your Porsche & Celebrity updates. Tell us what you think of the color below in the comments, and click the link to find your own Porsche 911 GT3 RS.


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@ptsrs Thought you should have on file. Liquid Chrome Blue Metallic 1 of one.

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