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Jerry Seinfeld Buys Porsche Werks 911 RSR

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Porsche had a problem in the early 70’s. Their 917 was banned for being so dominant. So they went back to the drawing board for a new race car. Using the shell of a normal 911, the Werks racing department installed a roll cage and deleted many of the accessories along with insulation. The result was the 1974 and 1975 Porsche 911 RSR.

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Power comes from a 3.0L flat six and a giant turbo. Conservatively rated at 330 hp, it was cast from aluminum rather than magnesium for durability. Each cylinder had twin spark plugs and Porsche Werks offered aggressive cams to bump the power to 345 hp. Only a handful were built. Mostly for the Werks drivers, and some were purchased by privateer teams once the program was announced.

Jerry Seinfeld’s 911 GT3 RS Is 1 of 1

Needless to say these factory-built race cars are rare, and that’s why our friend Jerry Seinfeld had to have one. In an Instagram Post yesterday, the famous comedian & actor uploaded his new acquisition. We saw it in 2012 at the Gooding auction on Amelia Island, and this car is perfect in every aspect. Since 1985, we have been your source for rare & collectible Porsches, so click the link below to find the perfect one for your collection.

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Just arrived in US. 1 of 31. So excited.

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