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Jay Leno Wraps His New Ford GT

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Do you want to change the color of your car? We know you are probably wondering why Jay Leno would vinyl wrap his brand new Ford GT, but appearances can be deceiving. He’s not looking to destroy the resale value of the supercar, in fact quite the opposite. Vinyl can be ordered in any color one could imagine, but for those looking to protect their investment, clear wrap is a clever solution. Vinyl protection technology has made great leaps in technology in the past two years, so if you value your paint its time to give it another thought.

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Protective Film Solutions is one of the major players in the industry, supplying their dealers with pre-cut kits that are measured and produced with laser precision. A competitive advantage is being first to market with a new model, so their team was able to scan the 2017 Ford GT in Dearborn before it was launched. As an OEM supplier, PFS kits are dealer options and are an affordable way to keep your paint factory fresh. If you would like a quote, our Elite Detailer Alliance will be happy to find a specialist near you. If your garage is lacking a supercar worthy of protection, check out these Ford GT for sale. Stay with us for all the updates from Jay Leno’s garage, and we’ll keep you on the cutting edge.