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Jay Leno Goes Undercover as an Uber Driver

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When ordering an Uber or taking a cab, you never really know exactly who it is behind the wheel of that car. Maybe you’ve met them before, maybe they’ve given you a ride before, maybe they’re a complete stranger or, maybe, their voice is oddly familiar.

A couple of Uber passengers in Los Angeles definitely heard a familiar voice coming from “Rocco,” their Uber Black driver who kept asking questions about late night television. Late night icon and unabashed automotive enthusiast Jay Leno went undercover as Rocco for a day, leaving a few lucky passengers with the story of a lifetime, and maybe a few selfies.

As part of the promotion for Jay Leno’s Garage moving from the internet to CNBC, a video of Leno’s Uber encounters was shared to YouTube Oct. 2, just five days ahead of the show’s Oct. 7 premier. The show has been a YouTube web series since 2006, with episodes ranging anywhere from 5 to 50 minutes in length added every Sunday.

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Check out Leno’s stint with Uber in the video above, find your own rare car for your collection from our listings below and catch the television premier of Jay Leno’s Garage at 10 pm EST Oct. 7.

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(Source: YouTube via Autoblog)

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