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Jay Leno Drives the Ferrari F40 for the First Time

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Jay Leno has driven more cars than any of us could even imagine. From classics to modern hypercars, he featured them all on his show and typically takes them for a spin. However, there’s one car he hadn’t driven until recently: the Ferrari F40.

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Last week, I wrote about David Lee visiting Leno and them taking the Ferrari halo cars for a spin. While he was only videotaped driving the LaFerrari in that episode, this week he takes the F40 spin.

After driving it for only half of a mile, Leno says he “already gets it,” noting the car’s visceral behavior and connected drive. It was Jeremy Clarkson said that this car’s turbos “wake up, cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.” It looks like Leno experienced this happening firsthand.

Check out the video below to see his drive in action.

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